Robust Networks, Made For Robust Use.

Whether you’re trying to meet the needs of power users, gamers or in depth researchers, Dual Path delivers the most robust, secure and reliable connectivity to these specialized technology-savvy residents.

Even your Computer Science majors will appreciate the high end capabilities of Dual Path’s property wide WiFi solution. With connectivity throughout the community, residents will be able to bring their devices from the pool to the study rooms, and remain linked to their own private WiFi network with up to 1 GBPS of bandwidth.

Designed Just For Student Living.

Dual Path has created a special system architecture tailor made for the student housing market, with special capabilities such as resident messaging, individual upgrade options, temporary service shut off for delinquent rent payments and a self service resident portal.

And even if these power users do need help, it’s always at their fingertips through Dual Path’s 24/7 US-based support centers.

Our robust network provides the foundation for an array of next-generation applications, including facility management, CCTV, access control, smart lighting and much more - all with property wide mobility, and no IT support required.

Robust Network For Highest Capacity

Systems that stand up to the high demand of student users.

24/7 US Based Support

We’re here when you need us, every day of the year.

Gigabit Service Now

Make your community stand out with the fastest available speeds.

Service Freeze For Delinquent Tenants

Slow or stop Internet access until rent is paid.

Proactively Managed

Always on, always monitored, no maintenance or IT staff required.

Customizable Resident Portal

Your brand, your look.

Property Wide WiFi Coverage

Freedom to roam and remain connected.

Enables Smart Building Technology

Our networks enable IoT solutions, building management systems and more.

Community Messaging

Easily send out broadcast messages to all residents.